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How to express "he died" as a state transition not as an action

Original post I've always had a problem with the construction "he died". It is in the active voice, implying that he actively did something. He didn't actively do anything, of course. He ...
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Can causative and anticausative co-occur in Turkish verbal morphology?

Turkish makes use of two valency markers: (i) the causative marker with 'tur' which increases valency in (1) below, and (ii) the anticausative marker 'il' which decreases valency as in (2) below. (1)...
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Direct–inverse marking on the noun, or the possiblity of inverse alignment

A direct-inverse language, Wikipedia claims, is one which involve[s] different grammar for transitive predications according to the relative positions of their "subject" and their "object" on a ...
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Can 'syntactic structure' be 'polysemous'?

This question has been asked before (here is the link phonological ambiguity). In relation to this question, I came across some data in which two different syntactic structures (with the same ...
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Passive: illusion or fact?

I've recently read a book written by J.C Milner, in French, entitled 'introduction a un traitement du passif' (1986), he was influenced by Generative theory and some of his basic assumptions regarding ...
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What is the subject of a passive sentence?

Sentences in the active voice can be converted to the passive voice by - amongst other maneuvers - moving the direct object into the position originally occupied by the grammatical subject. Does this ...
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Tenses/Voices that show whether something is finite or not

Are there any languages which have a tense or voice that shows whether something is finite. For this example only I will indicate in the present tense that something is finitely true by adding an &...
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What is a middle voice and a medio-passive voice?

In order to explain the evolution of the third person accusative pronoun in IE languages, Mark Beadles makes use of the concepts of middle and medio-passive voices. But the discussion that followed ...
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What are the different ways in which languages express the notion of passivity?

In English, the passive is expressed by the use of an auxiliary and past participle. The agent is demoted to an optional by-phrase, and the theme/patient is promoted to the subject position. Rome ...
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