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Umbrella term for dialects that include Hindi, Urdu, and other Hindi-belt languages.

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Why do I intuitively seem to know the gender of inanimate objects?

Note to the Responder: This curiosity behind this question arose because of my (relative) proficiency in the Hindi language, but the answers need not be necessarily limited to it. I am a complete noob ...
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How many vowels does spoken Hindustani have and what are the proper values of /e/ and /o/?

On the Wikipedia page for Hindustani phonology, it lists Hindustani as having ten vowels, three short and seven long. More importantly, it claims that there is a distinction between /o/ and /ɔ/, and ...
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Would it be correct to replace ۃ with ہ in Urdu?

What would be the right way to normalize the Arabic Tāʼ marbūṭah character in Urdu loan words from Arabic/Farsi? Would it be correct to replace ۃ with ہ (gōl hē)? Or can we replace ۃ with ط (t̤oʼē) ? ...
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Measuring lexical similarity between two arbitrary languages

Pardon me if this question is naive, but I am wondering if there is a way to quantify lexical similarity between two corpora of text, each written in different languages whose alphabets differ greatly....
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Historical pronunciation of Hindi यह and वह

The Hindi 3rd person singular proximal and distal pronouns यह and वह are commonly pronounced [jeː] and [ʋoː], in contrast to the [hyper-correct?] pronunciations [jəɦ(ə)] and [ʋəɦ(ə)] one might expect ...
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Is Latin "ulula" cognate with hindi उल्लू ("ullu")?

Hindi उल्लू /ʊl.luː/ (derived from Sanskrit उलूक /uluːka/) appears superficially very similar to Latin ulula (both meaning "owl"). Are these words cognate?
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Which languages influenced the Hindustani language spoken in India as of today other than the West Asian languages?

The Hindustani language got influenced by West Asian languages like Persian, Arabic, Turkish etc. I wanted to know apart from the West Asian languages which other languages influenced the Hindustani ...
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Why is the English phoneme /θ/ pronounced like /t/ in Indian accents but /s/ in Chinese accents?

The dental fricatives (/θ/ and /ð/; spelled with th) often present a challenge to non-native learners of English. Depending on the speaker's native language, different phonemes may be substituted. In ...
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Are Hindi "Bigul" (बिगुल) and English "Bugle" cognates?

In Hindi, Bigul (बिगुल) (IPA /bigul/) is a bugle-like instrument, if they are cognates can someone also tell me how they might have been formed.!
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Where can I find a free text corpus for the Hindi language?

I need a text corpus for my NLP project in Hindi, however all the corpora I found are not free for downloading. Is there any free annotated Hindi text corpus at all? If yes, where can I find it?
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Etymological origins of the Hindi word Afeem

I have been trying to find the origins of the Hindi word अफ़ीम "Afeem". It means opium. The Rajpal Hindi Shabdakosh gives the origin of "afeem" as Arabic:परिभाषा/...
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Where can I find training data for dialects of Hindi?

I am working on a NLP project that aims at identifying different dialects of Hindi language. My über goal is to generate dialogs in once the program identifies which dialect is given. I tried ...
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Inanimate pronouns in Hindi

Could someone give me some examples of inanimate pronouns in Hindi? I can't come up with any example myself. I was reading this paper: Gazetteer Method for Resolving Pronominal Anaphora in Hindi ...
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For a toddler who has just begun to speak, is Hindi easier to speak as compared to English?

Hindi is my native language. I can write English well, and can speak English to some reasonable extent. In order to teach the toddler English, I have been speaking English to her ever since she was ...
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How different are Urdu and Hindi?

My family are Pakistani, but I never learned Urdu as a child. I'd like to learn a little, primarily as a means of keeping this part of my heritage alive. However, the pragmatist in me realizes that ...
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Are Armenian գունդ (gund) and Sanskrit गिन्दुक (ginduka) related?

I was just looking at the words for "ball" in many languages. I noticed that Armenian has a word գունդ gund and Hindustani has a word गेंद / گیند gẽnd. I didn't spot any other language with a ...
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