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For questions about the International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration (IAST)

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IAST transliteration of ड़ and ढ़ of Devanagari

What are the IAST symbols for ड़ as in लड़का, पहाड़, जड़ etc ढ़ as in पढ़ाई, बाढ़, पीढ़ी etc I have glanced through the Wikipedia page for IAST but couldn't find desired content. However IPA ...
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Transcription of Devanagari script

Indian languages have many similar sounds and Devanagari & IAST scripts uniquely distinguish these For Example (not comprehensive) — IAST (Devanagari) t (त) and ṭ (ट) th (थ) and ṭh (ठ) d (द) and ...
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Why does IAST exist when IPA is there?

When IPA can incorporate most of the sounds with Roman like symbols. Why do we need IAST? Why do we need yet another standard for representing Indic scripts/sounds? If non phone-city of Roman ...