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What name should be given to this allophone of /tʃ/?

I am a native English speaker, but when I make the sound which should be /tʃ/, I have been told that I begin it by placing the tip of my tongue briefly between my teeth, as if I was going to start a ...
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Is the body language and hand movements manifested by a person as they speak part of that person's idiolect?

By this, I mean do a person's body language and hand gestures as they speak manifest in a consistent and observable way? I'm a person who speaks with my hands very much; if I'm not moving my hands ...
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How can a speaker tell whether their idiolect has "dark l"?

I believe my variety of English, General Australian, has "dark l", but I'm not sure. I can't tell if I have it in my own idiolect or not. It's pretty well accepted (I think) that it's hard to ...
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