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Questions tagged [indian-languages]

Questions about the sprachbund that covers both the Indic languages and the Dravidian languages, which are unrelated but share a lot of phonetic and phonological properties.

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1 answer

N vs L in South Asian Languages

A little background first. My parents were debating whether lemon in bengali was pronounced nebu or lebu. So, I decided to do some research into this and found that in many South Asian languages words ...
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2 answers

Is it possible to detect onomatopoeic basis in indigenous languages?

I'm about to study the ding dong vs the pooh pooh theories of the origin of language. I would like to make a poll with questions like "What emotions do you associate with the word "ka:men"?" and ...
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What commonly used words, if any, does devanagari "म्क्ब्श" (mkbsha) actually occur in?

I was researching different writing systems when I came across a fact about Devanagari. the conjunct consonants of the script are fascinating yet confusing; evidently some of them may combine up to 5 ...
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