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For questions about the writing system of the Indus Valley culture approx. 2000 BCE and its underlying language(s).

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Indus script: Hunter and Mahadevan signs

Early work on deciphering the Indus script (which still has not been acceptably deciphered) was done by Hunter in his 1934 Ph.D work at Oxford - Mahadevan's Indus ...
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Popular book(s) recommendation for start learning Linguistics keeping an interest in the Indus Valley script in mind

Recently, I have gathered enough interest in the subject Linguistics. As I came to know that Indus Valley scripts are among the last remaining undeciphered scripts of the ancient world, I gained more ...
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Do Indus texts potentially have the oldest Indo-European text that we know of?

There are some texts left by an ancient civilization in India. They were written around 2700-1800 BCE. They have not been able to decipher them yet. Is it possible that the texts were Indo-European? ...
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Is the writing system lineage of Indus script known?

I came to know that there are two primary writing system lineages. Brahmic and Phonecian. While I know that Indus script is not yet deciphered. I'm wondering if we at least know the lineage of Indus ...
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Current prospective efforts in the decipherment of ancient scripts

Reading a bit about the decipherment of ancient scripts gave me the impression that those scripts which remain mostly undeciphered as of today have such a small and restricted corpus (I'm thinking of ...
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Wanderwort origins and the Indus Valley Civilization?

I have noticed that there seem to be many words that have travelled the globe due to trade, such as the word orange or rice, which have plausible origins in proto-Dravidian. Meanwhile, it is ...
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What statistical methods are used to test whether a corpus of symbols is linguistic?

In their 2009 paper on the Indus Script, Rao et al. describe a test for deciding whether a corpus of symbols is in fact a collection of texts in some language. Over-simplifying a bit, the approach ...
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