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how much text data an AI chatbot is based on vs how accurate its language use is

This question is motivated by a question I read on another online forum, to which the answerers said that when they tested ChatGPT's Hindi, it made grammatical errors all the time and was also trash ...
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Acceptability and grammaticality

My understanding of acceptability and grammaticality is this: As someone who is able to communicate in a given language I find given sentences that I hear or read more or less acceptable (in terms of ...
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How do generativists account for apparent diachronic processes that cause errors in linguistic performance to become cemented as competence?

Many diachronic processes of language change appear to derive from synchronic errors in linguistic performance. How do generativists account for this if performance and competence are separate? If ...
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Better fluency in second language than native. [closed]

What are ways, patterns of living in native speaking country, where you are thinking and talking better in second language? I am trying to translate words, sentences which is difficult, also don't ...
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What metrics can be used to rate the complexity of an english sentence?

I want to rate a sentence by its complexity in the sense of: Rating of 1: A very simple sentence which is just S+V+O, example: "I eat bananas." Rating of 10: An uterly complex sentence with lots of ...
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Does your dominant language proficiency determine the degree of possible proficiency in L2?

People who aren't english native speakers often tell me that their English is better than their native tongue, which is kinda odd since they use their native tongue most of the time. Because of this,...
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11 votes
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Is there an equivalent to the Flesch Kincaid test for measuring quality and understandability of speech?

I want to measure the quality of speech: is it higher level/lower level (vocabulary grammar etc.) and also the understandability of the speech, i.e. is the teacher using language above a student's ...
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18 votes
10 answers

What makes a non-native English speaker sound foreign?

I'm not a native speaker. However, I have tried a lot during last 10 years to learn English at a high level of proficiency and to become fluent in conversation. However, when I talk to some of my ...
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What method do linguists use to rate language competence?

People on the street bandy about words like "fluent", "knows French", "speaks broken French" as if it all means something. How do linguists determine if a speaker is competent and what taxonomy do ...
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