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Use this tag for questions about the process, techniques, and methodology of identification of unknown languages. Don't use this tag for questions asking to identify a language or a script based on specific samples or inscriptions as such questions are explicitly defined off-topic.

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What script is this, and what does it mean? [closed]

A girl in the gym has this printed down her trousers but has no idea what the text means or where the trousers even were bought from. My two guesses are either Amharic or Oghams. Who knows?
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Are there heuristics to tell if a character is from Chinese, Kanji, or Chu Nom?

Suppose I know nothing about Chinese writing systems but some basic strokes and radicals. When given a blocky-looking character, how do I tell if it's a character only used in Kanji, in Chữ Nôm, or in ...
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Where does one go to get a language identified?

I have a massive book from the pawn shop (i make conlangs and loved the script), and it seems to have an alphabetic 36-character script that doesn't match up to anything on omniglot or the like. I'd ...
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Ways of classifying writing systems by appearance?

Are there any common groupings of writing systems by grapheme appearance? I'm currently writing about language identification and one specific goal I have as part of the work is to include steps for ...
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Language identification [closed]

Does this appear to be Thai to you? The script is on a piece of pottery a friend of mine found in the U.S. Thanks
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Please help to identify the language on the photo [closed]

The text is on reverse side of photo taken before 1918 at the village Bolhovets (suburbs of Belgorod, south-west Russia). I tried so far to find if any language has a letter visually similar to # ...
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How is a language's classification decided upon ? (or modified)

If a new language is discovered or if a study shows that a certain language should be reclassified, is there a committee(s) that decides on this ? (who ?)
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How do I go about deciphering the language of an inscription on an old heirloom?

Someone sent me a picture with an inscription on an old brass tray. He wants to know what language it is. I'm looking for advice on how to go about doing this. (I can post the picture if it would be ...
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Can native signers of one sign language identify other sign languages?

I understand multiple spoken languages. If I hear someone speak (or see a writing in) English, I recognize that it's English not Latvian and interpret the sounds (or letters) as it's appropriate for ...
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What are the reasons to justify that some text is in X language?

Let us say that I am in a library alone and I have a text that I think that is in X language, for example, this fragment of the 9th chapter of the 2nd part of the novel 1984 by George Orwell, that I ...
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Can one "sentence" belong to multiple languages?

I am a machine learning developer who is currently working with natural language processing. Today, I was thinking about language identification. I have a couple of ideas how to do so for the ~200 ...
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can anyone translate this language please? what Language is it? [closed]

Can anyone please translate the text in this image please, I have no clue where to start?
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Trying to find language written on item [closed]

I have an item that has text on it, written in a different language. Ive been doing research trying to find it or something similar, but no luck. Anyone know what it says or the language? Much ...
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Can anyone identify the language from this book? [closed]

I have been told everything from I don't know to four different potential language, including the ancient language of "Syriac". Any serious assistance is appreciated. Thank you
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How would someone begin translating an unknown language?

Excuse my ignorance. I'm writing a work of fiction wherein an archeologist finds a tomb that contains not only the bodies of an unknown/unstudied society, but also samples of writing in that society's ...
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Are there any freely available tools for English Native Language Identification?

I know that native language identification is a current research topic in natural language processing. I have an English text whose author clearly is not a native English speaker (I am not, either), ...
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How to identify a foreign language from handwriting?

As asking language-ID-questions on this site seems off-topic I'd like to know whether there is a resource on the internet which can help me. I found a the curious snippet attached to a balloon which ...
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In what language was this following scripture written? What does it mean? [closed]

I was having a chat with someone and I was wondering whether this text (that seems to regard the White Ship incident) were written in some form of English, or possibly in Latin or French. Sorry for ...
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I need help identifying this language [closed]

I noticed the swastika-like images along the sides and at first thought it was either Nordic or Hindi. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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What language is this and what does it mean in English? [closed]

Please help identify what this means in English. I cannot read this language and cannot determine what language it is.
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I recently received a book, does anyone know what language/ what this book is? [closed]

I recently received a book, does anyone know what language/ what this book is?
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What is the most accepted way to refer to the Filipino (or Tagalog, Pilipino) language?

The context is the top bar of a website that also has the names of other languages spelled out in their native script/letters. Like this: English | Español | tiếng Việt | 汉语 | Filipino Also, ...
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Identify and possibly translate a sentence from a language similar to thai [closed]

I apologize for the unconventionality of the question, I'm trying to identifying the language in the sample, and possibly obtain a translation of what's written. I figured if there's a community in ...
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Recognize this script? [closed]

I've wondered about this script since I saw it years ago. I imagine it's an English cipher. Can anyone tell me?
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Nzwamba OTRAG rocket. What's that and in what language? [closed]

The german OTRAG rocket company has had conducted its launches in DR Congo (Zaire at that time) in the late seventies. Several sources refer to those rockets under the name of "Nzwamba". What ...
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Distinguishing "Eskimo"/"Inuit" languages by the passive agent morpheme

In The Origin of Agent Markers by Enrique L. Palancar an attempt has been made to list morphemes used both 1.) as a case morpheme belonging to a noun and 2.) as a morpheme on such nouns that express ...
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Can't identify this language [closed]

I have gotten several text messages from this unknown sender and have not been able to identify the langauge so I can translate it. It appears to be quoting the Bible but I am not sure. I found one ...
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What is this language? [closed]

This text was found in Bolu, Turkey, at my uncle's house. What language is it written in?
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Find which alphabet is this [closed]

Please help me identify this language, it is hand drawn and I would like to know which language describes it the best. Thanks
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Please help me identify this language (w/ image)

I have a scan of a genealogical document (ca. 1895) from a Catholic church in Brodowe Łąki, Poland. I believe that the document pertains to the baptism of my great-grandmother, but I can't quite be ...
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What languages are these? [closed]

Sorry if this question is rather dumb and ignorant for this community, but nevertheless - In the following image I am having hard time recognizing most of the names of the languages, particularly the ...
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What language is this and what does it means? [closed]

I have this kind of flag since i was born, it was given by some japanese friends of my father as a gift for my birth. But today neither me or my father know the meaning of what's written in it. ...
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How can I distinguish modern Scandinavian languages at a glance?

I don't know Danish, Nynorsk, or Bokmål, but will sometimes, on coming across a writing sample of one of them, wish to know which it is. How do I distinguish them in their written forms? (I'd include ...
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