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Production of dictionaries and analysis of the relationships between the words of a language.

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How are dictionaries produced

What are the steps invoked in producing a dictionary? I am primarily interested in understanding the role software plays in the production process. Obviously a corpus for the language is first ...
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What is the notion of lemma?

Psycholinguistically, a lemma is an abstract conceptual form of a word. However from a lexicographic perspective, the lemma is merely the aorist or canonical form of a word. In English, the lemma of ...
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How do dictionaries source attestation?

Some dictionaries source attestation and try to go for the earliest quotes they can find. How do they find them? Without electronic indexing this must have been impossibly difficult. The reason I'm ...
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Etymology and Morphology

In lexicography is the following claim correct? To describe the origin of a word in a dictionary only you need either describe its 'etymology' (if that word has a single morpheme) or 'morphology' (if ...
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What was the diffusion and the use of dictionaries in ancient times? Every civilization with a dictionary?

Did they have dictionaries in the ancient times? I mean who used the dictionaries? Did authors use them to know how to write? I don't think it worked this way. But when in the history dictionaries ...
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