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cohesion- ellipsis

I'm currently analysing some of my old literacy work from primary school (5/6 years old), focussing on cohesion. When looking at ellipsis I find that I cannot place a category on what kind (if at all) ...
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Are there literate speech communities for Sign Languages?

I am aware of some systems of sign writing (e.g. Sutton SignWriting). They are used in dictionaries, teaching materials, or scientific documentation. But did some Sign Language speech communities ...
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Is language/grammar (mathematically?) scientific (like Math)? Is a grammar construct a delineation = to a math formula? [closed]

Is language itself scientific? Can the way language is used/abused be scientifically evaluated like a Math problem? Can an English sentence be mathematical? Are grammar constructs defined like (100% ...
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Evidence of/against deterioration in language proficiency

The opinion that young people nowadays can't properly write any more seems to have (had) currency across many cultures and times. For example, C. H. Ward, a 1917 Conneticut school teacher, is reported ...
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How common is it for people to be literate only in a language other than their mother tongue?

How common is it for people to be literate only in a language other than their mother tongue? I know that ASL signing community members generally learn to be literate in English, since there is no ...
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How powerful is literacy to slow down language change?

The degree of literacy of a certain community of speakers is generally proposed as one of the factors that affect the pace of language change. More specifically, literacy would slow down change, since ...
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