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What is the meaning of "interface-interpretable features"?

In multiple sources, I encountered the term interface-interpretable features. From the contexts, I can deduct that the meaning might be somewhere in the sense of "visible [as in, morphologically/...
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Tools for converting text to logical form

What's the State of the Art in software for converting text to some sort of logical form? Pros and con's of different packages approaches, if more than one exists?
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Every farmer who owns a donkey beats it - one more time on extending scope [duplicate]

Here is sentence: Every farmer who owns a donkey beats it Everyone claims that the following translation to first order logic is not correct (or maybe lacking consistency how quantifiers are ...
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directed graph representation of LF

I am a logician new to linguistics. I am curious if there has been any work on using the formalism of directed graphs (as opposed to, say, lambda-calculus or first-order logic) to represent LF of ...
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Do any spoken languages readily express boolean logic without ambiguity?

Anyone who has worked with programming knows that boolean logic is hard to express in english. Given the statement "A and B must be false", with no context one can understand the statement to mean A ...
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