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Questions tagged [lojban]

Lojban is a carefully constructed spoken language designed in the hope of removing a large portion of the ambiguity from human communication.

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2 answers

Does Lojban really have “unambiguous resolution of sounds into words”? claims that “Lojban has [...] unambiguous resolution of sounds into words”¹ and that “Lojban [...] sounds can be divided into words in only one way.”² What is the evidence for this? Is ...
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2 answers

Are some human languages significantly less ambiguous than others?

Lojban was created to be syntactically unambiguous. I wonder though if there are natural languages that have the same property, or at least come much closer to having it than English does? Has ...
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Would a progamming language in lojban mean that a program could be written in a natural language? [closed]

Imagine a new computer programming language whose keywords and all other syntax were in lojban (or equivalent language - will explain in a bit). Allowing lojban to be a "natural" language itself, ...
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Why are artificial languages created always by individuals and not by international institutions?

Do linguists and scientist have some international coordinated program/authority where the goal is to create the artificial language for all peoples on this planet? As far as I know, this was always ...
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