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Questions tagged [machine-translation]

Issues related to translation of text or speech as done by computer programs. Can refer to the software, models, methodology, algorithms, performance, and theory of MT (machine translation), including issues in pre- and post-processing.

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Computational linguist's estimate of minimum hours of speech needed to train a neural net to recognize speech

From a computational linguist's point of view, is there a lower limit on the number of hours of speech needed to train a neural net to translate speech to text? An estimate from CMU is 3000-5000 hours ...
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Is there a Python lib to calculate HTER?

Is there a Python lib that calculates HTER - Human-targeted Translation Error Rate? Ideally it would expose a function that takes as parameters 1) at least one golden translation and 2) the ...
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Generalisations which a bi-gram probabilistic model might infer from a dataset

I have the following exam question for a machine translation course: From my understanding, I assume the answer is looking for incorrect English grammar which get discovered by bi-grams. So the ...
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Is there any theory for mathematically judging the quality of a parallel corpus before running it through a machine translation pipeline?

The performance of a machine translation system is highly impacted by the parallel corpus it is trained on. Therefore, as we all know, a good quality normalized and (ideally) noise-free corpus is ...
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Reference text database for medical translation?

I'm working on machine translation for physicians, and I was wondering if there was a resource for medical reference texts? Where it shows an original English transcript, and then several possible "...
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How to Create A Termbase without Creating Project in MemoQ?

Well, there was no platform on StackExchange for translation or translators, so I thought asking here is okay. As in title, is there a way to create a termbase and adding to it without creating a ...
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