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Difference between structural and ontological metaphors?

What is the difference between structural and ontological metaphors? Time is money is an ontological metaphor that borrows an abstract quality of time to something concrete like money. But could time ...
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Are stylistic devices universal across world languages?

By stylistic devices, I mean things like: Metaphors: using a word for similar object instead of the implied word ("toxic person") Metonymy: using a word for related object instead of the ...
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Why do some abstract concepts get described as a liquid in English?

For example, work is completely abstract but we talk about workflows, which is something pertaining to fluids. Why does this happen?
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Can the conceptual metaphor be approached syntactically?

I am really interested in studying how syntax is connected to cognition. I would like to see if the conceptual nature of metaphor can also be approached syntactically. But I don't know where to start. ...
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