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(Empricial) Contributions and motivation for formal linguistics

Montagues original goal was to characterize the notions of truth and validity. My impression after discussion with a semanticist is that current approaches in the field give a formalization and then ...
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Canonical treatment of tense and modality within formal semantics

I'm thinking about expressions like "Ronit must have won the game," where we have an intersection of tense and modality. Conventional wisdom is to use Kratzer's notion of ordering source and ...
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Formal semantics of phrases like “I need to go to the store”

Phrases like “I need to go to the store” do not express logical or contingent necessity. Possible words in which one does not go to the store feasibly exist. These phrases behave more as some kind of ...
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Formal semantics (Montague, type-theoretical) of noun clauses

Partee has nice summary about the formal semantics of relative clause (subordinate adjectival clause). E.g. At least one boy who Mary loves is ...
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