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To what extent is aural language comprehension based on a post-processing model, and what are the factors involved?

It occurred to me that what we hear and interpret as speech is often an inarticulate garble of phonemes that native speakers process with lightning speed (usually) to come up with a clear and specific ...
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'London in' or 'in London'? 'ed-learn' or 'learned'?

In English, ‘in London’ and 'learned’ are grammatically correct. Grammatical elements or forms are divided into two categories: grammatical or functional words like prepositions or auxiliary verbs in ...
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Confusion with Afrihili Word Machine Problem from NACLO

The Pretext The Problem I am referring to the third subproblem The Data The Confusion The solution states that it is possible to extrapolate from the data that -ma- is used to refer to occupations. ...
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Are there dictionaries translating roots from one Indo-European language to another?

Are there dictionaries translating roots from one Indo-European language (family) to another? Such dictionaries would be helpful for translating calques like выставка, Ausstellung, and exhibition. ...
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Is there a name for the replaceable wildcard "morpheme"?

The very rare phenomenon I'm talking about is a part of a word that indicates that the word encompasses a number of hyponyms, which are arrived at by replacing that part. It is probably easier to ...
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Semantical and functional morphemes

I have this idea in my head that when it comes to morphemes, there are two divisions at the top: "semantical morphemes" and "functional morphemes". Semantical morphemes are those ...
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Does Lao (or Thai) have any "verbalizer" morphemes?

I know of at least two morphemes in lao which are nominalizers that can convert lexical verbs or adjectives into nouns: ການ and ຄວາມ. What I'm wondering is whether there are any counterparts which ...
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What are the advantages of using a morpheme-based dictionary in a speech recognition system?

What are the advantages of using a morphologically-based / lemma-based dictionary in a speech recognition system as opposed to a dictionary of 'Orthography' + 'transcription' or other types (which I ...
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Modern authoritive textbook for morpheme analyses

I have been reading several books dealing with morpheme/semanteme, etc...But some of them are a few decades old and don't deal exclusively with the subject in the scope of Lexicology. So I would like ...
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