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What do Georgian thematic suffixes even do, and where do they come from?

Georgian has two sets of verb affixes that don't really mark a specific tense or aspect themselves, but the combination of them narrows down which TAM-indicating conjugation you're looking at - the ...
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What’s the standard way to gloss a morpheme that provides subject, object and tense?

If there a Leipzig standard to gloss a suffix like “1st person subject, second person object, past tense” My best guess is 1.S.2.O.Past And then what if it’s first person exclusive 1.EXCL.S....
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Georgian "suffixal nominal marker"

Let me conjugate აშენება asheneba "to build" as an example. In the present indicative: ვაშენებ v-a-shen-eb-Ø "I build" აშენებ Ø-a-shen-eb-Ø "you build" აშენებს Ø-a-shen-...
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Does the morphological analysis of complex words acknowledge/allow multiple derivations?

I have been watching videos in Youtube concerning the morphological composition of complex words, e.g. Phrase structure (as opposed to dependency structure)...
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Is duck typing valid to identify parts of speech?

Let's say we're trying to identify a word or a phrase and on the surface it seems a bit strange and to not fit into an easily identified category/part of speech (POS). Is it valid to say "If it walks ...
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