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Questions tagged [multilingualism]

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Do we know how common it is for ethnic Chinese and Tamils in Malaysia to speak each others language?

Here in Malaysia there are three main ethnicities, Malay, Chinese, Tamil, and most people speak more than one language. There are four main language groupings: Malay - national language and language ...
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Are there any recordings of Emil Krebs?

The German polyglot Emil Krebs allegedly mastered 68 languages. Which, frankly, I find unbelievable. I cannot find any reliable source that is well documented, but perhaps recordings of Emil Krebs ...
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Critical Period for reading, writing, and listening?

I have heard about about the critical period hypothesis and how that applies to things like accents and stuff, but is there a critical period for reading, writing, and listening? After a certain age ...
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How to distinguish multilingualism from polyglotism?

What are defining criteria, and how can we decide whether a person speaking, say, ten languages is a multilingual or a polyglot?
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Are there any studies on vocabulary loss and/or simplification of "thought structures" due to multilingualism?

(I am not a linguist, so please forgive any wrong term or concept) This question comes from personal experience. I have studied in a trilingual university, so that each student knew at least three ...
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Does high-context manifest in Japanese grammar and syntax?

Supposedly being a high-context culture, do modern Japanese text genres also sport a higher prevalence of ellipsis? Do Japanese texts, by and large, sport more kinds of high-context manifestations ...
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Is there a list of multilingual rhymes?

I'm searching for multilingual rhymes like: Star - far / Stern - fern (German) Unfortunately I only have this one so far.
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Reasons for code switching absence

In bilingual regions often there's a phenomenon known as code switching, when people swap codes when confronted with a person that uses a different language of their own, even when both people are ...
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What is the term/word for using/mixing words from multiple languages at the same time?

The word or term I have seen before. It is an older term. Not sure if it is a noun, verb, adjective or adverb. It is not the modern term "code switching".
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