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"Multiword expression". Occasionally "multiword entity". A concept used in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing.

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What is the subfield of linguistics that studies how different languages use different grammatical and lexical tools to put expressions together?

For example, to express possession, in English we say "I have a pen", while in Russian we say "У меня есть ручка" (lit. "A pen is near me"), while in Latin we say ...
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Is there a term for

I understand what phrase, clause and sentence mean. But is there a term for a group of words with a clear beginning and end, regardless of whether it's a phrase, clause or sentence?
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2 answers

Are there languages without idioms?

Speakers of about any language but English agree that the idea that it may be raining cats and dogs is preposterous. But the same people do understand what an idiom is, and their own language may have ...
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Are kinship+Name Multi-word expressions?

For example - Uncle John went shopping. Is Uncle John an MWE?
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How to extract meaning of colloquial phrases and expressions in English

I am looking into extracting the meaning of expressions used in everyday speaking. For an instance, it is apparent to a human that the sentence The meal we had at restaurant A tasted like food at my ...
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Split sentence into phrases and words

I need a direction, advice where to search information. I want to split sentences into separate words and phrases. For example this sentence "Tommy has a lot of job experience" has the phrase "a lot ...
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Stanford NLP parsers and idioms that have common semantic meaning

I have parsed the following sentence in the Stanford CoreNLP demo page and the Stanford parser demo page. Although both result in a parse that can imply purpose semantics (hinging on the advcl and the ...
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singular part of speech for multi-word units and expressions?

Part of speech assignment provides a pos to a word. In many pos systems this can occasionally produce errors due multi-word expressions of one form or another. When 'we' look at the text, we may see ...