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Are there languages where vowels are always oral?

I was surprised to find in Zsiga (2020: 120, 125) a claim (by Donegan & Stampe 2009) that vowels in Hawaiian, as well as oral vowels in French, are always oral. Unfortunately Donegan & Stampe ...
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Did Common Brittonic use /ṽ/?

I heard on the Wikipedia article for Sindarin (which I admit is far from being the best source) that Common Brittonic, like Old Irish, had a nasalized v sound ṽ. Is this true? If so, are there any ...
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Does modern greek really nasalise intervowel γγ?

During my previous studies I was introduced to ancient Greek and, among other things, I learned that we believe double gamma γγ was pronounced like a prenasalised gamma, something like "ng", ...
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Semi-nasalization of the preceding vowel

In this French Wikipedia article on the pronunciation of Occitan, semi-nasalization of the preceding vowel is mentioned. For example, from the table of consonants: -n final muet en général ([n] dans ...
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Which Indo-Aryan languages exhibit full assimiliation of voiced stops after nasal segments?

In which Indo-Aryan languages, if any, is full assimilation of voiced stops after nasal segments a characteristic feature? Particularly among Punjabi, Sindhi, Saraiki, Kashmiri, Dogri, Kangri, ...
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Corsican vowels

In Corsican, some vowels are nasalized before a nasal consonant in the same syllable. What do these vowels have in common? Here are some examples: 'prin.tʃ = prince ' = mushroom 'ãn.ku = ...
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Differences between /ᵐb/ (prenasalization) and /mb/

What's the difference between prenasalized voced plosive /ᵐb/ and just the sound /mb/, if any? I've watched this video where /ᵐbʷ/ is pronounced, and I'd pronounce /mbʷ/ in the same way.
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Why isn't there a [mj]/m̃ in the IPA?

We all know the nasal ɲ, found in a variety of languages including the Spanish ñ. However, instead of n, why not m or more specifically [mj]? Why are these 2 consonants not considered one, unlike [nj] ...
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