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Could anyone give examples of context-sensitive sentences that cannot be generated by context-free rules?

Could anyone give examples of context-sensitive sentences that cannot be generated by context-free rules? To clarify, they are generated by rules including at least one that is in the form αβγ→αψγ, α,...
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5 answers

Is linguistics limited to natural languages?

Or would linguistics also include the study of accessory languages like esperanto, artificial languages like Klingon, or even programming languages?
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4 votes
2 answers

What do all languages have in common? [closed]

What do all languages have in common ? I'm looking for a list of features (such as grammatical, semantic or phonetic elements) that are present in all natural languages.
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Is language a formal system?

Towards the end of this essay on formal systems and human language the author states: Chomsky and Halle and many other linguists assume that language IS such a [formal] system... These are powerful ...
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Is there any natural language having minimal pairs over tongue root position?

I am building a conlang, which is very likely going to be an isolating language. As such, I decided to make it a tonal language. But there is a problem. This language is to be sung very often, so ...
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What is the type and lambda denotation of the disjunction 'or' in the phrase 'five girls or boys run' using the generalised quantifier theory? [closed]

'Five girls and boys' I wonder what the denotation and type is of the disjunction 'or' in this phrase. I have 'five' as type <e,t><e,t>t> and the denotation as λPλQ[|P ∩ Q|= 10], but I ...
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Changing the input word embeddings from Glove to BERT for the dynamic memory network [closed]

I am interested in switching the input word embedding of the dynamic memory network (see here for an implementation) from Glove to BERT. However, I am new to NLP. I see from this github page that ...
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2 answers

How do natural languages prevent word ambiguity in "compound words"?

So for context, I am occasionally working on a sort of conlang, and asked this question just recently: How to create words which will be unambiguously parsable in a conlang? In there I run into the ...
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What fraction of compound phonemes actually exist in natural language?

Are there phoneme sequences ("pairs") that have not been found in any natural language? I imagine there are some number of sequences that are physically impossible, but also some that are physically ...
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German corpus for grapheme-phoneme (G2P or P2G) mapping

TIMIT is a well known, publicly accessible corpus that contains phonetic and lexicalic transcription of language (American English). A sample sentence of TIMIT looks like: She had your dark suit in ...
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Does a voice activated conversation with an AI constitute as natural speech?

Since AI bots fulfil all the requirements of speech, but don't fulfil the criteria of 'natural speech' production since it wasn't done impromptu and wasn't developed naturally, do you guys think that ...
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Natural Language Processing Meta-Super-Dictionary

The end goal of asking this question is to find a big (probably several hundred petabyte) data file expressing the meanings of words based on their interactions with other word in as many languages as ...
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