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Norwegian is a Germanic language spoken in Norway.

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Could Danish, Swedish and Norwegian theoretically be counted as dialects of the same language?

I know that it's hard to classify certain dialects/languages in some cases, but what about the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian languages? What is the main consensus among linguists?
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Similarity between Norwegian and Danish compared to other languages?

I had one question about a very interesting map showing the lexical distances between different languages of Europe ( I am studying the ...
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Qualifying similarities between languages - e.g., German and Norwegian

I learnt "fluent" German and Dutch and I am learning Norwegian. German is much closer to Dutch than Norwegian. Yet, there are obvious strong and fascinating similarities between German and ...
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Downloadable Norwegian dictionary with verb conjugations?

Apologies as this doesn't perfectly fit into linguistics but there isn't a Norwegian Stack Exchange site where I think this would be a more appropriate question. Is anyone aware of a downloadable ...
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Peculiarities of English as spoken/written by Norwegians [closed]

I'm writing a fiction book. Some of its characters are Norwegians who exchange emails in English. I'd like to lightly stylise their texts. What mistakes / peculiarities / word choice / sentence ...
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Easy way to distinguish between Swedish, Nynorsk and Bokmål [duplicate]

As a Dane, I have a difficulty distinguishing between Swedish, Nynorsk and Bokmål when given a text. To me they appear as non-Danish Nordic languages. I am wondering whether there are good quick ...
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Norwegian Translation Codes (no, nn, nb) - Which to use on a website?

I have a website which currently uses the Norwegian language code 'no' for translations, but I am not a native speaker and noticed some differences between 'no' and 'nb' when it comes to currency. Did ...
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Origin of -s verbs in Norwegian and Swedish

(Disclaimer: I am not a linguist.) I am learning Norwegian now, and they have some verb form when you attach -s to the end. It is often called passive voice (used in Present tense and in infinitive ...
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Is wrong article use a matter of pronunciation or grammar?

I was in a discussion with someone, where they described my wrong use of an article as a "mispronunciation". I argued it was rather a matter of grammar, as I did pronounce the article correctly, but ...
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Are English 'gay' and Norwegian 'gøy' cognates?

Norwegian gøy means "fun" in both Bokmål and Nynorsk. Does this word have anything to do with English gay? Wiktionary says gay comes ultimately from Proto-Germanic ganhuz "sudden" via Old French gai ...
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IPA transcriptions for Norwegian

Are there online sources for Norwegian transcription? NAOB gives an orthographic one, UiB Ordbokene do not have transcription at all.
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Learning Bokmål Norwegian through a book on Nynorsk [closed]

I just started learning Norwegian (focusing on Bokmål). My dad didn't, still doesn't I believe, know the difference between Bokmål and Nynorsk - I don't even think that he knows that there are two ...
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How similar are Norwegian and Swedish compared to Dutch and Flemish / German?

I speak Dutch natively and wondered this ever since I visited Norway. When I was there a new friend told me Norwegians understand Swedish up to a level and he could not explain how much of it. So I ...
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dictionary middle norwegian

I try to help somebody with research on the influence of Middle Low German on Middle Norwegian. For that purpose, a number of documents from the Norwegian Corpus ([Diplomatarium Norvegicum]) are ...
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How did Norwegian "huske" derive from ON "hugsa"?

In Norse and Norwegian both, hug means "memory". Norse hugsa and Nynorsk hugse is "to remember". Is there a reason that s was attached? I can't think of any other verbs derived from nouns in this ...
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Origin of the word/root 'del'

As I was contemplating the Norwegian word "del," which means "part" or "portion," it occurred to me that there is the same root in Russian, and that it means the same thing. I looked up "del" and "...
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Possessive pronoun position in north germanic languages

I begin with the following translations of the sentence "This is my father": Icelandic: Þetta er faðir minn. Bokmål: Dette er faren min. Danish: Det her er min far. Swedish: Det här är min far. All ...
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Can I learn a new language just by listening or watching videos?

The question is a bit more specific than title would suggest, but I was not creative enough to put it so specifically into compact form. Let me explain. When I was a kid I was learning English in ...
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How does individual linguistic behavior relate to one's attitude of language politics in Norwegian?

In his great answer to this question, the user kaleissin alluded to something that I've been particularly interested in, so I want to turn it into a question of its own to all Norwegian and non-...
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How can I distinguish modern Scandinavian languages at a glance?

I don't know Danish, Nynorsk, or Bokmål, but will sometimes, on coming across a writing sample of one of them, wish to know which it is. How do I distinguish them in their written forms? (I'd include ...
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