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To what general class does onomatopoeia belong? [closed]

Onomatopoeia is a word (⊂ signs) whose vocal representation mimics the sound the word describes. Are there signs whose visual/written representation mimics the visual appearance the word describes? (...
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What is the origin of the turkish word for cannibal, yamyam? [closed]

Someone posted a screenshot of a google translation of the word cannibal on a social network site. It seems to translate to yamyam in Turkish. I found that both funny and bizarre at first and am ...
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Why do we spell 'aaaah' with an 'h' at the end?

In English, we generally spell 'Ah', 'Aah', or 'Aaaaaah' (as it seems, any number of a's is possible) with an 'h' at the end. Someone just asked me why and I have been searching all over the internet ...
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Are zzz's associated with sleeping outside of english-speaking cultures?

Zzz's are often used in comics or cartoons to mean sleeping, or snoring. Is this meaning understood widely in the world, or just western/english-speaking cultures?
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