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How did خشاب become the Persian word for magazine?

In Iran magazine (in a gun) is called خشاب (kheshab). I tried to find a relation to another language but I failed. The only thing I found is that خشب (khashb) means wood in Arabic. In Arabic magazine ...
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How and when was the name of Somalia written with س in Iran?

In Arab world Somalia is written with ص. They call it صومال. But in Iran where people use so many Arabic words in a daily basis without misspelling them, write Somalia with س. They write it سومالی. ...
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Why is there no nuqta in Malayalam? How are Perso-Arabic consonants written in Malayalam script?

Dravidian languages like Kannada (and Telugu) have the nukta diacritic (಼) to represent foreign consonants, and Tamil has a special character (ஃ) which can similarly be used, as shown in the table ...
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Why are Urdu and Shahmukhi perceived as separate scripts?

It is known that the Urdu script is used to write Hindustani languages and Shahmukhi is used to write Punjabi and Saraiki languages. But both the Perso-Arabic-based scripts are of the same Nastaliq ...
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"h" in Sindhi - ھ vs ہ

In Urdu, ہ is called gol he and ھ is called docašmī he. However in Sindhi, there seems to be only one for both (choṭī he), which is officially ھ. (Please let me know if I'm wrong here) (Ref: Sindhi ...
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