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Phoenician basic words

Do you know webiste with phoenician/punic how look in that dead leanguage basic words like "hi/hello/good morning/goodbye" ? Ofcourse i am very welcome if this will be only hipothetic or a ...
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Is the Greek ζ related to the Chinese 子?

I wonder whether there is any connections between the two letters. After all, they are both similar to the Phoenician Sade letter, and the Phoenicians were the dominant culture of the Mediterranean ...
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How similar are the prototype writing systems of Ugarit-Tyre ("Phoenician") and Safaitic?

I understand that that in the ancient Levant, two main writing system patterns were used by the different peoples of the region: Phoenician and Ancient North Arabian. I further understand that both ...
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Do there exist any Phoenician or Etruscan dictionaries online?

I am trying to find a word list for Phoenician but this is all I've found online (a short list, who knows how accurate it is). The only books (without previews unfortunately) I could find were these: ...
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