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Do we have to revise what we know about Thracian?

I have been reading the latest paper on Thracian by C. Brixhe (on the latest Handbook of Comparative and Historical Indo-European Linguistics) and I am really baffled by the conclusion. In the 6th ...
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The Armenian word for "King" and it's relation to Greek ἀγαυός and Phrygian -ΟΓΑϝΟΣ

What is the root of the Armenian word թագավոր (t'agavor) and what is it's relation to Greek ἀγαυός 'illustrious, nobble' and the Phrygian honorific epithet (AKENAN)-ΟΓΑϝΟΣ (ogawos)? Edit: I am ...
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On the etymology of Ankara / Phrygian Ἄγκυρα

I am wondering whether the Phrygian city "Ankara" (today capital of Turkey) meant really "anchor" in Phrygian? We know it means anchor in Greek, a sibling language to Phrygian with many isoglosses, ...
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