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Questions tagged [pidgins]

A simplified form of language, typically with a reduced grammar and vocabulary.

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True languages that pirates spoke

Ahoy, me hearties! As many of you may already know, today is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Since I find the historical subject of piracy quite interesting, specially after reading Pirate Utopias, I would ...
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Are there examples of pidgins or creoles in sign languages? If so, which are the major ones?

The other day I was wondering, are there occurrences of pidgins or creoles in the world of Sign languages? So I made a quick search but there doesn't seem to be much. For example, I found the Hawaii ...
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Difference between dialect levelling and pidgin formation?

So dialect levelling is, in which the speech of a group of people converges towards a common norm, with extreme differences being ironed out. While pidgin is a grammatically simplified means of ...
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dictionary with the smallest number of circularly defined words

Motivation: words in a dictionary are defined in terms of other words, but at some point it becomes circular: words defined by other words that have also been defined using some of the same words. ...
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Hungarian and Slovak language border pidgin

I was watching a documentary on the hungarian population in Slovakia. At one point in the documentary,they interviewed a lady from the village of Ipeľské Predmostie. When they asked her a question ...
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What category does "broken English" fall into?

So I've been reading for about two hours now about pidgins and creoles. Can broken English such as Engrish be considered a pidgin? Or do they fall into another category?
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"Turkic Esperanto" spoken in the Soviet army

Michael Korotkow, the author of the language learning book Kirgisisch Wort für Wort mentions in the introduction of that book that there was a Turkic Esperanto used by people of different Turkic ...
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Could have inflected Proto-Slavic really 'been created' as a lingua franca among some Slavs and many agglutinative, Turkic languages-speaking peoples?

In my experience, it seems to be that people learning as a second language one that is significantly more inflected that their mother tongue(s) experience serious difficulties and tend to avoid ...
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Are there tribes speaking Indonesian?

I'm learning Indonesian and I was telling myself it's great for an anthropologist to be able to aproach so many aboriginal languages in the group. Though, I'm not really sure if this could be a real ...
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How do Pidgins express/teach/learn "abstract" nouns?

I tried asking a similar question on Reddit: The minimum required to teach abstract nouns to children without writing or illustrations?, but (a) people misunderstood my question (and/or were rude), ...
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