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The various systems present in many languages by which verbs agree with not only the subject but also with the direct and/or indirect object(s) as well.

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Why might ergativity be correlated with polypersonal agreement?

The Wikipedia article on polypersonal agreement states that it "has also been correlated with ergativity." This is certainly true of Basque, the only ergative language I have any familiarity with. ...
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How do SOV languages develop agreement affixes on verb?

According to WALS, most languages using SOV as basic order of subject, object and verb have some kind of personal agreement markers. As far as I know, these affixes rise by grammaticalization of ...
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2 answers

Do languages besides the Kartvelian family have a property of verbs called "version"?

I'm currently studying the Georgian language and it has quite a few interesting properties not common in more well known languages. One property of the verb is called "version", "version markers" or "...
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