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A predicate as argument of a predicate

In Dependency Grammar we consider the meaning of a wordform either as a semantic predicate (:=predicate) or as a semantic name. Let us suppose we have a predicate, which has a predicate as argument (e....
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1-, 2-, and 3-place predicates

Would the following verb be a one- or two-place predicate verb? "The boy and his friend left" I'm inclined to think that it's a one-place predicate as normally 'leave' is just that, and that ...
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What is one-place predicate and two-place predicate?

When I read some linguistic articles, I encountered two names. One is called a "one-place predicate" and the other is a "two-place" predicate. So what are the definitions of these ...
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Question on the semantics of perfective form

I learn that in English, accomplishment predicates in the simple past (perfective) form usually entail that the event has reached its culmination point and the theme has entered into the result state. ...
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Semantics- predicate calculus and quantifiers

I have a sentence of "No A is B" (No child is sad) I been given 2 formulas: ¬∃x[C(x) ⋀ S(x)] ∀x[C(x) →¬ S(x)] I needed to show that they are the same by deriving the truth conditions. I got ...
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Is telicity a property of verbs or predicates?

In English, the verb "walk" is atelic. One could in principle walk indefinitely. Fatigue and aging limit the activity, but that fact is not an inherent part of the meaning of the verb. ...
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