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Questions tagged [presupposition]

a proposition that must be true in order for another statement to make sense, or is taken for granted as a background assumption in another statement. E.g. the sentence "I find it great that John propsed to Mary" comes with the presupposition that "John proposed to Mary".

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presupposition and trigger in emphatic sentences

It was Jenny who stole the cake from the bakery. I'm learning presuppositions & trigger words in my linguistics class. In an emphatic sentence like above am I correct in my understanding that... ...
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What counts as a factive verb in terms of presupposition triggers?

Though words like knew or realised are commonly know factive verbs that trigger presupposition. Does verbs like enjoyed, paid, looking forward, commended and delighted also count as factive verbs ...
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Quantifier clause in Heim's presupposition theory

there is a point in a paper by Irene Heim related to problems with presuppositions in complex sentences that I do not properly get. The article is the following:
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