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The principal parts of a verb are a minimal set of verb forms that is sufficient to derive all inflected forms.

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When was the concept of verbs' principal parts codified, and by whom?

For example, I'm wondering whether the Greek/Roman grammarians already wrote about six/four basic forms based on which a Greek/Latin verb can be conjugated in all its forms. If they did, did they ...
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How many "principal parts" do Sanskrit verbs have?

What is the minimum number of forms that one needs to memorize in order to be able to fully conjugate a Sanskrit verb? I've found differing answers: some say six, others ten, and in fact, I personally ...
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Do principal parts necessarily belong to the same lexeme?

A recent thread touched on the question of whether Slavic aspectual pairs should be considered part of the same lexeme or not. I wonder if the same logic can be applied to the principal parts of ...
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