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Phonemes vs. Distinctive Feature Theories

I'm a high school student who will be going to college to study linguistics next fall. I'm already knowledgeable about some areas, but I'm currently trying to expand my knowledge in phonology. I have ...
3 votes
1 answer

ODD NUMBER in Cognitive Linguistics of WILLIAM CROFT and D. ALAN CRUSE

In the subsection The ‘odd number paradox’ of Cognitive Linguistics by W. Croft & D. A. Cruse We read: The ‘odd number paradox’ has also been put forward as a problem for prototype ...
2 votes
0 answers

Demographic Prototype Differences?

Are there any studies that have asked people to draw whatever first comes to mind for a particular word? If so, have any of those studies compared such prototypical drawings across genders, ages, or ...
1 vote
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What is the view of prototype theory regarding features?

For example, the most prototypical exemplars of bird is robin, the least ones are ostrich or penguin. But since it rejects the classical theory (aka the necessary and sufficient conditions), I think ...
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0 answers

Is there a term for a mental prototype changing?

Years ago, if I heard the word bird I thought about a sparrow since I live in western Pennsylvania and there are sparrows everywhere. But now, if I hear the word bird I picture a blue, two-dimensional ...
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0 answers

How does flexible and context-dependent Categorisation not imply fuzzy Category Boundaries?

Source: p 283, Understanding Semantics (2 ed, 2013) by Sebastian Löbner   [Continued] Likewise, the category VASE is defined by the feature that vases are for putting cut flowers in. Thus, the ...