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For question about the Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet (SAMPA) and its dialects (like X-SAMPA)

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How do I represent SAMPA glottal stops in IPA?

I come from SAMPA world, and I am used to using a glottal stop. In German language, glottal stops are quite common: For example: z i ts ? E k @ The "?" is the glottal stop and intrudes a ...
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Dollar sign in X-SAMPA

A Danish pronounciation dictionary "NST Lexical database for Danish" has an X-SAMPA-like annotation. In a documentation document at
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Is there a tool for conversion of IPA into X-Sampa?

I need to transcribe text into X-Sampa, but I am an IPA transcriber, so for simplicity purposes I will transcribe in IPA and will then try to convert into X-Sampa. Is there any tool that would ...
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Is IPA machine-readable?

I saw that SAMPA was created to be machine-readable. Does that mean that IPA isn't? If it isn't, why is that so? EDIT: By machine-readable, I meant that it could be directly interpreted by a parser/...
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Network of Phonological Relationships

Does there exist a definitive network or database that maps the relationships between phonetic symbols? Similar to a word net, it would be a map representing the distance (or similarity) between ...
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How to Transcribe R-colored Vowels (ɝ, ɚ, ɑ˞,ɔ˞) in X-SAMPA?

I'm looking at the Arpabet page on Wikipedia, and note some entries like this: Arpabet | IPA | Word Examples ER | ɝ | her (HH ER0); bird (B ER1 D); hurt (HH ER1 T), nurse (N ER1 S) Now, I'm ...
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SAMPA of a language - phones or phonemes?

I currently hear a lecture with the topic "Spoken Language Processing" and I have problems to understand SAMPA. I know that the IPA encodes the phones of human languages, so its possible to encode the ...
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