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The range of words or elements of an expression over which a modifier or operator has control.

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Are there four potential readings in the examples?

I read that Fiengo & May (1994: 115-117) points out that through the analysis of strict and sloppy readings in elliptical environments, it has shed light not only on more general notions of ...
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Inverse scope reading

It is well known that any sentence with two or more quantifiers will result in in multiple possible readings depending on the ordering of the quantifiers. To take a known example (1), there will be ...
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Two meanings of "Someone believes everyone to be invited"

Carnie claims in his syntax book that the sentence Someone believes everyone to be invited has two meanings. I can see only one (when the existential quantifier has scope over universal one: when ...
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Does the scope of negation change when there is a stressed word within a sentence?

For example, in the sentence ‘your daughter don’t hate school’, the scope of negation would be entire sentence. However if 'your' is phonologically stressed like 'YOUR daughter don't hate school', ...
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Scopal relation of negation and quantifier

What is the exact meaning of scope? In the following sentence, what is the scopal relation of negation and quantifier? And how could I know if there is a wide or narrow scope between them? She ...
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What is the scope of negation (again)?

I recently asked a question concerning the scope of negation. I received helpful feedback from a number of linguists who frequent this forum. My efforts to discern the scope of negation continue, and ...
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Epistemic modality inside deontic scope?

I was taught (according to Role and Reference Grammar) that epistemic modality applies at clause level while deontic modality applies at core level. So in theory a sentence which has both would have ...
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