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Best resources for swedish slang

My question is just that -- I've been a student of russian language and literature, thee resources for slang and profanity are hugely entertaining and vast on the internet, I've used them to mix in ...
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When were numbers first used as code/shorthand for unrelated meanings?

I was considering this xkcd, which got me wondering, were there any examples of number based shorthand like “ten-four” in the comic used in the time periods this comic considers “old-timey”? In other ...
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Does the concept of slang exist in cultures without established written or formal education traditions?

In English and, presumably, many of the world's other commonly spoken languages, there exists a rough category of words considered slang. This concept is not quite the same as taboo (many slang words ...
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What is the difference between "As if!" and other similar discourse markers?

According to Oxford Dictionary of English 3rd edition (2010:90), discourse marker “as if” means, in informal style, “I very much doubt it.” Oxford English Dictionary 3rd edition explains that “as if” ...
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Is there a name for the process of triviliazation of a word's meaning?

What is the name for the process by which a word's meaning is trivialized or diminished in importance from its original meaning? For example, the standard English word throne means a toilet in English ...
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Can someone suggest resources to slang and particularly queer/ LGBTQ slang?

I am working on a paper on queer communication and I need resources for sociolinguistic studies on slang and queer/ LGBTQ slang. Thanks!
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Connection between “wiseguy” and the Cantonese slang 古惑仔

"Wiseguy" can mean a made man in the mafia or a smart ass who acts like they are smarter than others. What I find interesting is that the Cantonese/Chinese slang term 古惑仔(Gu Wac Zai) has ...
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References for Italian-American slang (cross-post from English Language & Usage)

This morning I have asked the following question on the English Language & Usage SE: As an Italian, I find the interaction between my language and the English language fascinating. One big ...
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Unusual categorization of slang terms in parts of speech ("cap")

I am not educated in syntax (or any formal linguistics really), so my hypotheses and observations in this question may not be super high-level. I am a young American English speaker from the Midwest. ...
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