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What are difficulties linguists have run into with common fonts?

Recently I've resumed work on a font I'm currently developing, meant to be released as a completely free, open-source, OFL-licensed font designed specifically for use in academic and formal writing. ...
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Connections between how unrelated words derived from the same root meaning

From re: constructions The word "martyr" comes originally from the ancient Greek legal term for "witness", for someone who gives testimony or evidence in a court of law. In ...
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Series of textbooks to learn semantics from beginners' to advanced level

I am not a student of linguistics, but my interest in mathematics, philosophy and computer science inevitably leads me to many terms and concepts used in linguistics, particularly semantics. I have ...
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Can one avoid using the notion of meaning when defining syntax and pragmatics?

In an elementary course on philosophy of language ( at the highschool level) , I try to explain to students the distinction betweeen semantics, syntax and pragmatics. Referring myself to Carnap/...
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Linguistic journal that allows blind referee

I'd like to know which journals in linguistics allow papers without author's information to be reviewed by referees. The only one that can do it to my knowledge is Linguistic Inquiry from the MIT ...
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How active formal semantics as a research field today?

I've heard from some people (working in computational linguistics) that today the area of formal semantics is on the decline. On the other hand, I can see many new papers from formal semanticists on ...
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On the LSA Summer Linguistic Institute

I'm terribly sorry if this is considered off-topic, but I couldn't find a more appropriate community to ask. The question is about Summer Linguistic Institutes, in particular, the one held in 2019 in ...
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How did the Greek aspirates become fricatives?

When I was studying (classical) Greek as an undergrad, we were told that φ θ χ, that is, the Greek aspirate consonants, have the following phonetic values: [f θ χ] and never it was told to us that ...
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Defining Linguistics

Studying Japanese, I finally broke the mindset of trying to turn Japanese phrases into English phrases. Doing this has made the study of Japanese much easier for me. Then I got to thinking, usually I ...
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Can you give some examples of counter-intuitive phenomena discovered by linguists?

By counter-intuitive I mean, contrary to intuition of native speakers of some language, or contrary to some popular knowledge about languages (apart many cases of folk etymology)? (e. g. "strange" ...
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