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For questions about the speed of speech and its relation to other linguistic features.

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Term for Regional "Words per Minute"

Is there a term for the variation in how many words per minute is spoken on average by people in various regions of the country/world? A focus group mentioned they wished our Tech Support personnel ...
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Words per minute - language list?

I have an idea on how fast a Dutch speaker speaks: 130 wpm = medium 160 wpm = fast 100 wpm = slow I'd like to have that same knowledge about other languages. Is there a list somewhere that ...
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Why do I speak more accurately in English rather than my native language?

I have a diction/vocal issue from birth so I can not speak on the "right rhythm" of my tongue. My speech seems always slow and boring at my native language so that I have a huge difficult to verbally ...
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Why is spoken Chinese so fast paced?

I'm fan of watching subbed Chinese movies and series and with them sometimes happens something that very rarely happens with movies or series from other languages that's the fact that I haven't been ...
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Why does speech speed seem to vary between different languages?

I feel that French and Spanish speakers speak their languages faster than English speakers do. Is this difference real, or is it just a mistake in my observation (note: I am much less familiar with ...
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