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What is the difference between a word root and a word stem?

What is the difference between a word's root and a word's stem?
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Does lexeme and stem mean the same?

Wikipedia says following about lexeme: A lexeme is a unit of lexical meaning... For example, in English, run, runs, ran and running are forms of the same lexeme, which can be represented as ...
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What is the difference among root, stem and base in English word-formation? Possible answer provided to check

Is the following text correct and updated?? It is based on Bauer (1983) but I don't know if this may have changed recently. Thanks in advance! A root is the primary lexical unit of a word which is not ...
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Combine dictionary lemmatization with stemmer

I'm doing lemmatization as part of a classifier right now. My question is, if it makes sense to first use a dictionary lookup, to find the lemmas (wordnet) and after that additionally, to apply a (...
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Semitic (Afroasiatic?) Root Constraints

What is known about the phonological constraints limiting the form of a Semitic (or even Afroasiatic) root? In other words, are there any limits to the possible sequences of radicals? For example, ...
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How to map "egyptian" to "Egypt"?

I am writing a Java program that includes mapping phrases to RDF resources (named entity recognition). It fails in the case of "egyptian" and "Egypt". How can I map such cases automatically? The ...
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Can Georgian verb stems start with a vowel?

I'm interested in the kinds of ambiguities which can be encountered when attempting to analyse the agglutinative verbs of Georgian into their component "slots". Georgian verbs may have an optional "...
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Old Norse kné: a- stem or wa- stem?

The neuter noun kné follows a-stem declension. But it comes from Proto-Germanic *knewą. This seems to be a wa-stem. Then why does it follow a-stem declension? Did Scandinavians force it to, even ...
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Python's treetaggerwrapper does not recognize numbers

I'm using treetaggerwrapper to stem Italian texts and I'm interested in the final lemmas. As you can see, while other parts of speech are transformed correctly, all numbers are changed to @card@. Is ...
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suffixoid vs null interfix

As written in Kremer, 1997 and Štekauer, 1995 words like ‘cat-like’ or ‘congressman’ etc. have what they call suffixoids or semiaffixes. IMO, it’s kind of a dull idea, because they look like ...
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What's the infinitive stem?

What's the infinitive stem? Can you explain it giving examples please? And is there something that called "resulting stem"?
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Examples of stems that are NOT words

I read that technically, most words are also stems (most words can be further elaborated somehow); but stems are sometimes not words, since some stems are bound, that is, they require further ...
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