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For questions on terminology as the study of terms (a subfield of applied linguistics). The tag terminology is already established for questions about linguistic terms.

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When do you go from morpheme to word to sentence in agglutinative languages?

I am working on a cross-language dictionary for fun (i.e. every language), and have been refining this idea of "terms" (as described in that link) for a while. A term is basically anything ...
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What are multi-word concepts (technical terms) called and how are they found?

Go to this website: Now go to this Wikipedia article: Grab the first paragraph and feed it into POS tagger to see the ...
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How to Create A Termbase without Creating Project in MemoQ?

Well, there was no platform on StackExchange for translation or translators, so I thought asking here is okay. As in title, is there a way to create a termbase and adding to it without creating a ...
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Dataset of special noun phrases

I'm looking for a dataset of noun phrases that are special in a particular way. I'm not able to pinpoint the key features of these noun phrases that distinguish them from other ones, however. Here are ...
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The study of Procedure Words

I want to do a research about prowords - procedure words - those are used in army to communicate. In what field of linguistics I will find the study about procedure words? Is it in morphology, ...
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What parts of speech do professional jargons tend to mint?

Many English-based jargons include newly created nouns, verbs and adjectives; and re-appropriate existing English nouns, verbs, and adjectives to new ends. I can't come up with an example of a newly ...
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Why is jargon sometimes used instead of familiar words?

I wonder why certain words are used in occupations when possibly a common known synonym could also be used? Examples: in law, desist instead of stop, cease in economics, parity instead of ...
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