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What is "sub-Indo-European"?

Apparently Leiden had a conference on "sub-Indo-European". Google isn't very helpful, resulting in a dead link: Sub-Indo-European Europe: Problems, Methods and Evidence - Leiden University ...
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Influence of Substratums

There is a claim in the book ,,Französische Sprachwissenschaft" (by Johannes Klare, 2011) that says: ,,The substrate influences can affect all linguistic levels, especially the phonetic system ...
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What is the current understanding of the substrate(s) to the Indo-Aryan languages

The Indo-Aryan languages have acquired some vocabulary and other features that aren't present in the Iranian languages. This is ascribed to substrate influence. What is the current understanding of ...
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possible etymologies and cognates for Dutch 'mooi'?

The Dutch word 'mooi' (beautiful) doesn't seem to have a clear etymology nor any cognates. Does anyone have theories or ideas for possible origins or cognates? It seems to have caused Dutch 'schoon' ...
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What is the substrate of Romanian language?

I mean what was the native language of Wlachs and Dacians before they adopted Latin?
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Loans in Indo-Aryan languages indicating possible migration routes

I am aware of only few Uralic loans into Indo-Aryan languages that show migrations from Eurasia to India, Iran etc. What are typical examples of loan words that are unquestionably a result of a ...
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How are languages affected by substrates vs superstrates?

Firstly since there seem to be multiple meanings of "substrate" and "superstrate" let me start by defining the terms for this question: A substrate language is one that was in a place before a new ...
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Are some languages known to have taken grammatical features etc rather than just lexicon from their substrate languages?

It's common for the language of an area to have replaced an older language previously spoken there. The new language typically will have a few words which can be traced to the old language, the latter ...
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