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What is the difference between [ɚ], [ɝ], [ɹ̩], and [ɻ̍]?

So, [ɚ] is a rhotacized schwa/mid central vowel/schwar, [ɝ] is a rhotacized open-mid central unrounded vowel, [ɹ̩] is a syllabic alveolar approximant, and [ɻ̍] is a syllabic retroflex approximant. ...
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How can the final /r/ in 'razor' and 'hammer' be syllabic?

I just learned liquid /l,r/ become syllabic when at the end of a word and immediately after a consonant. When I look at examples such as paddle and whistle, I can understand /l/ in those words becomes ...
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Are there any languages that have syllabic /w/ or /j/?

I heard somewhere that the following consonants can make a syllable on their own (i.e. syllabic consonants): /l/, /m/, /n/, /ŋ/, /r/, /w/, /j/. Of these, I've seen /l/, /m/, /n/, /r/ that make a ...
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Can medial /t/ and /d/ before syllabic /n/ be distinguished easily?

Addendum (0:00am, June 27th, JST): After reading Draconis' answer, I did a little more research and added my findings below the horizontal line. Can medial /t/ and /d/ before syllabic /n/ be easily ...
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What exactly is the definition of a syllable?

I do not consider myself a linguist. I just teach English to Japanese audience. So please excuse my ignorance if this is too basic a question. What exactly is the definition of a syllable? What I ...
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The difference between a regular consonant and a syllabic consonant

Trying to understand the difference between regular consonants and Syllabic Consonants. Two examples are from Danish. [ð̩] skinnede [l̩] solen To start (for some context), the way I would naturally ...
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Is the "r" in "universe" syllabic?

Good morning, Is the "r" is the word "Universe" syllabic? I learned how to identify the syllabic letters, but still find it hard to do so.
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2 votes
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When do syllabic consonants occur?

Is there a set of rules to know when syllabic consonants (l, m, n, ng, r) occur in a word? For instance, I used to think that there was a schwa before the l, m, n, ng, and r in the words police, ...
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How are syllabic consonants written in IPA?

Suppose that, in some hypothetical language, there were two different words: /tump/ /tump/ What's the difference?, you might ask. In the first one, the word is one syllable long. In the second one, ...
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