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Is a text with orthographic or grammatic mistakes in a language X still a text in that language X?

Let us suppose that we have a text that in its majority follows the orthographic or grammatical rules of a language X, but 10% of the words have orthographic mistakes, and 10% of the sentences have ...
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2 answers

Linguistic analysis of ChatGPT's default style of writing

Even though ChatGPT can - better or worse - mimic other writers' styles, it exhibits something like a default style of writing which is not very "characteristic" (because it's the ...
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3 answers

How can I do data augmentation for text classification?

I am working on a text classification project. Some properties of my data set: Total number of samples: 33200 Total number of classes: 1131 Class distribution is highly skewed (about 35% of the ...
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To what extent can Jakobson's communicative functions be applied to an analysis of written texts?

As a tutor of teachers in Spain taking the state entrance exam for English I am often confronted with the typical exam question 'identify the communciative fuctions' for text analysis. The teachers ...
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Where can I find the letters of documented writing systems, as text, online?

I was looking for the letters of the Safaitic writing system of Ancient North Arabian (ANA) as text, online. Safaitic is a well documented and researched writing system that was a prominent (if not ...
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What parts of linguistics deal with the differences between text types?

There are different types of texts, for I stance: manuals short stories novels recipes love letters testaments contracts fines books for teaching children to read political speeches motivational ...
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What is the technical term for glosses on a text that disagree with the text?

What is the technical term for glosses on a text that disagree with the text? For example, in Hebrew we tend to use the term השגות to describe Raabad's "objections" to Alfasi's and ...
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What are the various approaches to detect whether a sentence is complete or not?

I was working on creating a question answering system. Now I wanted to deal with incomplete or partial sentences. So the first step to this would be detecting whether the question entered by the user ...
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How to classify Compound Strings?

My team and I have been working on a project that involves classifying different strings in a text, or more specifically, Wikipedia Infoboxes. For example, Barack Obama would be classified as a ...
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Corpus for text classification with annotated support phrases

I am looking for corpora for text classification with annotated support phrases. Support phrases = phrases that explain why a text was given a label. For example, if the text is "The patient works ...
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