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Why do women's forms of address and honorifics vary more than men's forms of address and honorifics?

What I mean is in English, the form of address used for men we are not familiar with is "sir", whatever their age (technically, "master" is sometimes used for males under 25 years ...
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Why do forms of address differ depending of the type of politician?

In English, why do we say Mr. President/Mrs. President but not Mr. King/Mrs. Queen? My first language is French, and the same principle applies. What I mean is in French, we say Monsieur le Président/...
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1 answer

Does my fictional use of Arabic honorifics match real-word usage?

I asked this question on the World Building Stack Exchange yesterday. My question was closed fairly quickly, but people seemed to think that, nevertheless, it was an interesting question, and someone ...
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Genderless referral to a person as existent in Thai language

While learning Thai I came across something I never knew from other languages: The titles Khun (คุณ) and Than (ท่าน) while Than is said in down tone ('): Thai people would most often refer ...
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