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Is it possible to calculate the slope of F0 for a bidirectional tone?

Background: I'm running a project to look at which auditory features predict people's reactions to contour tones. I used both unidirectional tones (e.g., a rising tone starts at 100hz and ends at ...
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What might be the theoretical explanation for tone sandhi sensitive to lexical information?

Tone sandhi, which should be a postlexical rule, is not supposed to be sensitive to lexical information (which is lexical). How can we explain this? Take Mandarin as an example, the Mandarin yi sandhi ...
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Simple example of circular tone sandhi?

Are there any particularly simple examples of circular tone sandhi known? For instance, is there an example of a rule in which two tones swap places but the rest are unaffected? Or an example of ...
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What's a simple example of natural classes of tone contours?

I recently learned (in this forum) that natural classes of tones are posited based on the tendency of members of those classes to act together (that is, I suppose, to have the same effect based on a ...
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Searching for the rules of tone sandhi in Lao

Most tonal languages have tone sandhi, which consists of rules whereby the standard/default/dictionary tones of words/syllables change due to which tones occur in adjacent words/syllables. But I am ...
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Do all tonal languages have tone sandhi?

Tone sandhi is the process by which the nominal tones of syllables or words change based on the surrounding context. I know that Mandarin Chinese and Thai have tone sandhi - but is this process ...
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