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Convert audio recording of word to IPA representation

Are the any open source tools/software libraries to convert an audio clip to its IPA representation? If so, are they accurate? If not, why not? Here is a Gaelic word I wish to convert: Ogg format: ...
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Automated French/Italian/German to IPA transcription

I'm looking for a website or software that will take text written in a source language and produce a transcription in IPA. The languages I am interested in are French, Italian and German, but if you ...
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3 answers

Tools to annotate (categorise) sentences from a sentence corpus

I have a corpus consisting of sentences that are to be categorised in order to train a text categorisation algorithm. I am looking for a (preferably web-based) tool that: Allows me to input a list ...
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How a learner of a polysynthetic language like Arapaho would use an electronic or printed dictionary?

Along the lines of this question about agglutinative dictionaries, I just finished reading through the paper "Creating lexical resources for polysynthetic languages — the case of Arapaho, by ...
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annotation tool to work with XML Schema

Is there an annotation tool which can create annotation tasks automatically using an XML schema? The desirable annotation markup may be specified with an XML schema file. I'd like to be able to ...
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