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Can a nominalized clause contain a topic and a focus?

one: I’ve heard about foci in sentences—the new information typically shown in the predicate. For instance, in the sentence “Reece turned out to be the mysterious super-hero,” ... “Reece” is the ...
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How does order of prepositional phrases effect semantics?

I was discussing the semantics difference when switching prepositional objects in the following sentences with a German native: , damit die Eltern auf ihre Kinder über CCTV aufpassen können, damit ...
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How is topic-prominence different than OSV word order?

I have read that "most East-Asian languages" are topic-prominent languages, which means putting the topic (object) first before the subject, and the verb last, but they never say explicitly ...
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Why don't topic-prominent languages have articles/determiners?

I just discovered topic-prominence and am curious how it works in Chinese in complex cases. But mainly for this question, wondering what Wikipedia means by: They do not have articles, which are ...
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