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An East Slavic language spoken mainly in Ukraine and neighboring territories. Use it for questions about linguistics phenomena and scientific study of Ukrainian language. DO NOT use this tag for language-specific questions; ask it on Ukrainian Language and Usage sister site instead

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Why is "knife" in Ukrainian different from other Slavic languages?

I saw this image on reddit, and it made me wonder why the way Ukrainians say "knife" is different from all other Slavic languages? Is this part of a more general trend ("i" ...
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Are the vast majority of Ukrainians more proficient in Russian than Ukrainian?

An answer to a different question pointed out that the vast majority of search engine queries coming from Ukraine, before the invasion, seemed to be in Russian. That was despite the fact that the ...
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Trilled R between a vowel and a consonant

Take the Finnish word Terve /tɛrʋɛ/ as an example, how to pronounce the R which comes after a vowel and is followed by a consonant? I have listened to some samples but they just sound like a tapped R, ...
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Are there any languages where verbs in the past form are used with the future tense?

I have learned that in the Galician Ukrainian dialect the verbs in past tense are used in the future. Are there any other languages with the same structure? For example: "Будеш з нами їв?" = ...
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How similar are Ukrainian and Russian?

How similar are the Ukrainian and Russian languages? For example, can I reasonably expect that anybody from Ukraine would be able to understand spoken Russian or be able to read a Russian text?
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How Polish influenced Ukrainian

I have noticed some complexed loanwords in Ukrainian from German via Polish like the word for taste “smak”. Is it just slight influence that Polish had on Ukrainian or was it related to assimilation ...
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Do Russian-Ukrainian bilinguals or speakers immersed in both languages switch between the pair [ʂ ʐ] and [ʃ ʒ] when they switch between the languages?

In Russian phonology there are [ʂ ʐ], while in Ukrainian phonology there are [ʃ ʒ]. The two sets sound quite identical phonetically, while the articulation positions of the two sets are different. So, ...
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