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Does Gothic have /r/-umlaut and /x/-umlaut?

Charles Nydorf believes that /r/-umlaut and /x/-umlaut in Yiddish come from /r/-umlaut and /x/-umlaut in Gothic, but he gives no examples in either language. Yiddish has (/i/ >) /e/ > /a/ before ...
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Why is it believed the West Germanic /i/ became /aɪ/ in some cases?

I am no study of linguistics, it is an hobby, so certainly nothing I know about in depth, but this one I do find puzzling. I understand that sometimes sounds change, this happens in English today due ...
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Examples of Umlaut in a living language

For a teaching material I needed a good example of vocalic mutation of the root, aka Umlaut, and I got stuck at the fact that, while the Umlaut is often postulated for some reconstructed languages, ...
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