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Verb classes confusion: unaccusative, unergative [duplicate]

I still have a confusion in relation to verb classes, I read somewhere here that 'unaccusatives' are types of unpaired unergatives, and somewhere else 'unaccusatives' are the opposite of 'unergatives'....
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Unaccusative verbs, EPP and Case Filter

I'm studying Government and Binding Theory and have a question about unaccusative verbs. As I understood, Unaccusative verbs (1) cannot assign Accusative Case and (2) lack external argument, i.e. ...
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Why can't the internal argument of "matter" raise?

The internal arguments of unaccusative verbs in English must raise to subject position to obtain case and satisfy the EPP. For example, verbs like melt, fall, die, arrive, etc. must have their ...
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Anticausative/unaccusative verbs - a way to express causer of the event

Can be sentence with unaccusative verb describing some state change on the subject changed to sentence (with different verb of course) which contains cause of that event on the subject position (like ...
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the distinction between inchoatives and unaccusatives

I'm having difficulty understanding what are inchoative verbs and how they are different from unaccusative verbs. Is it generally the case that inchoatives are subsumed under unaccusatives? Verbs of ...
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What's the difference between accusative, unaccusative, ergative, and unergative?

What does it mean for a language or verb to be one or the other of these typologies (examples would help)? Can it be more than one at once?
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