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Why are Urdu and Shahmukhi perceived as separate scripts?

It is known that the Urdu script is used to write Hindustani languages and Shahmukhi is used to write Punjabi and Saraiki languages. But both the Perso-Arabic-based scripts are of the same Nastaliq ...
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"h" in Sindhi - ھ vs ہ

In Urdu, ہ is called gol he and ھ is called docašmī he. However in Sindhi, there seems to be only one for both (choṭī he), which is officially ھ. (Please let me know if I'm wrong here) (Ref: Sindhi ...
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Is there any word in other languages that begins with the urdu alphabet ṛē (ڑ‎)?

So in Urdu language there is no word starting with Ṛe "ڑ" IPA /ɽ/ but I think there may be some words in another language that begins with Ṛe "ڑ" or have similar sound.
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Would it be correct to replace ۃ with ہ in Urdu?

What would be the right way to normalize the Arabic Tāʼ marbūṭah character in Urdu loan words from Arabic/Farsi? Would it be correct to replace ۃ with ہ (gōl hē)? Or can we replace ۃ with ط (t̤oʼē) ? ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Which languages influenced the Hindustani language spoken in India as of today other than the West Asian languages?

The Hindustani language got influenced by West Asian languages like Persian, Arabic, Turkish etc. I wanted to know apart from the West Asian languages which other languages influenced the Hindustani ...
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What numeral system is on this Hyderabad banknote?

This banknote from Hyderabad (Hyderabadi rupee) has five different numerals in the circles on the right and left sides. From the bottom they are Hindu-Arabic, Kannada, Marathi and Telugu. But what is ...
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Do Urdu Numerals belong to the Persian Script?

Do Urdu Numerals belong to the Persian Script and does Urdu use the same Unicode characters as Persian Language apart from Western Arabic numerals?
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